Astrophotography Videos

 Images of the Universe: 2009
All the images in this video were taken by myself from the Lost Valley Observatory, located in the Sierra Nevada Moutnains of California. 
I recommend maximizing the screen and turning the volume up :)  The Photodex version may take 15 seconds to load and can be maximized by right clicking on the icon and selecting full screen.
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Planet Funk - Chase the Sun (Cyberdesign Remix) by Rogier Reintjen
   This video was designed and published in the Netherlands by Rogier Reintjen's, a graphics designer and artist. He contacted me last year and asked if he could use a few of my images, seen in the middle of the video.  We are beginning work on another video, featuring his music and my images.   


SRO YouTube Channel with Videos
All Our YouTube Channel has an introductory video about Sierra Remote Observatories.
SRO YouTube Channel

Astrophotography is My Hobby
An animated spoof on astrophotography which is not far from the truth :)  This video was not made at or by SRO or myself.

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