Original Image of Crescent with Nearby "Bubble-Like" Nebula

Our First Images of  a "Bubble-Like" Object Near The Crescent Nebula in Cygnus 

                                                       Copyright 2008

                                                                   Keith B Quattrocchi


Again, as previously noted, we believe this nebula to be co-dicovered (the term "discovered" must be used with a very large grain of salt, pending the official word from the IAU).  We beleive it was first imaged by Dave Jurasevich (July 6, 2008) and then by us on July 17, 2008.  Dave's images were submitted to the IAU prior to us, and without us being aware of his findings, as they had not been publically posted by him prior to our posting.  He deserves recogition for being, to the best of our knowledge,  the first to submit this finding.  You can learn about excellent his work at www.starimager.com and the link to his initial image is at:  http://tinyurl.com/5q4qnu


    The first image (Figure 1) is the original image obtained by Dr. Helm at Sierra Remote Observatories, with the suspected "Bubble-Like" Nebula in the lower left corner. The image which follows (figure 2) is the confirmatory image by Dr. Quattrocchi.   


Also, as noted on a previous page, when the "bubble" was first posted we got an email from a noted planetary nebula hunter, Kent Wallace, who noticed the original image was a mirror image (Mel's images below have been properly flipped and rotated).  As with so many aspects of this "adventure", help seems to come from many places.  We appreciate his email and careful observation of Mel's orignial image.  I knew I was getting a headache using that orignal image to find the exact location of the "bubble" on "The Sky", and now I know why (what I don't know is why I didn't notice !).   You can check out Kent's work at http://www.ccastronomy.org/members_work_wallace.htm and his southern sky work at http://www.ccastronomy.org/members_work_wallace_australia.htm .

Ha of the Crescent Nebula and Bubble-Like Nebula
Imaged by Dr. Mel Helm on July 17, 2008

Ha of the "Bubble-Like" Nebula
Imaged by Keith B Quattrocchi on July 28, 2008

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