page 17 LRGB NGC 2903

                       Astrophotography by Keith B. Quattrocchi

                    NGC 2903
                    Spiral Galaxy in Leo
                    LRGB Image
                           Published in Astronomies :Spectacuar Universe", page 80, 2011


                                      Image Acquisition Information                      
                               Telescope:   16" RCOS Ritchey-Chretien Telescope (ion milled at f/9) 
                               Camera:       SBIG STL-6303 M
                               Guiding:       SBIG AOL,  Astrodon  MOAG AOG (SBIG 237 with FLR)
                               Filters:        Astrodon L, R, G, B
                               Mount:        Software Bisque Paramount ME
                               Acquisition Programs:   The Sky,CCDAutopliot III, CCD Soft. 
                               Processing ProgramsCCDStack, Maxim DL, Photoshop
                               Date: February 12-March 9, 2008                               
                               Time: 21x20 min ( 7 hours) each for L, R, G, B: total 28 hrs                           
                               Processing:  CCD Stack and PhotoShop CS/3
Image Infornmation:  NGC 20903 is a spiral galaxy in Leo, some 20 million light years distant.  It is known for its bright blue spiral arms, large number of star clusters and the high frequency of star formation at the center of the galaxy.  In this image a small cluster of bright globular objects can be seen at the center of the galaxy, in the midpoint of the barred section of the galaxy. The significance of this finding is unknown to me, though it may represent areas of intense star formation.
Additional Comments:  Image processing was performed by layering the luminance layer with an RGB layer in PS CS/3.  Additional procesing included data stretching (curves/levels), high pass filtering and smoothing with Kodac Gem. 

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