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                       Astrophotography by Keith B. Quattrocchi

                       NGC 4244
                                      Edge on Spiral Galaxy in Canes Venatici                   
                         LRGB Image


                                      Image Acquisition Information                      
                               Telescope:   16" RCOS Ritchey-Chretien Telescope (ion milled at f/9) 
                               Camera:       SBIG STL-6303 M
                               Guiding:       SBIG AOL,  Astrodon  MOAG AOG (SBIG 237 with FLR)
                               Filters:        Astrodon L. R. G, B
                               Mount:        Software Bisque Paramount ME
                               Acquisition Programs:   The Sky,CCDAutopliot III, CCD Soft. 
                               Processing ProgramsCCDStack, Maxim DL, Photoshop
                               Date: May 3 - May 10, 2008                              
                               Time: 18x20 min ( 6 hours) each for L, R, G, B: total 24 hrs                           
                               Processing:  CCD Stack and PhotoShop CS/3
Image Infornmation:  This is a small, faint (magnitude 10.7) edge on galaxy approximately 7-8 million light years away.  It is part of a group of galaxies known as the Canes I group. 
Additional Comments:  Image processing with CCDStack, producing an RGB.  The RGB and Luminance images were combined in Photoshop CS/3 (soft light option).   Further data stretching, high pass filtering and background smoothing (Kodak Gem) performed with Adobe Photoshop CS/3.

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