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                       Astrophotography by Keith B. Quattrocchi

                                    NGC 4565                   
                  The "Needle Galaxy" in Coma Berenices
                 LRGB Image


                                      Image Acquisition Information                      
                               Telescope:   16" RCOS Ritchey-Chretien Telescope (ion milled at f/9) 
                               Camera:       SBIG STL-6303 M
                               Guiding:       SBIG AOL,  Astrodon  MOAG AOG (SBIG 237 with FLR)
                               Filters:        Astrodon L. R. G, B
                               Mount:        Software Bisque Paramount ME
                               Acquisition Programs:   The Sky,CCDAutopliot III, CCD Soft. 
                               Processing ProgramsCCDStack, Maxim DL, Photoshop
                               Date: May 12 - May 18, 2008                              
                               Time: 15x20 min ( 5 hours) each for L, R, G, B: total 20 hrs                           
                               Processing:  CCD Stack and PhotoShop CS/3
Image Infornmation:  NGC 4565 is a popular edge on spiral galaxy, approximately 30 million light years distant, in Coma Berenices.  Due to it's shape it is also referred to as the Needle Galaxy.  The central region is made up of older stars with younger blue stars in the perophery.  It is similar to our own Milky Way Galaxy, being some 100,000 light years in diameter and having prominant central obscuring nebulosities.
Additional Comments:  Image processing with CCDStack, producing an RGB.  The RGB and Luminance images were combined in Photoshop CS/3 (twice, first using soft light, then using a guassian blurred color image and the composit with the overlay option).   Furthere data stretching, high pass filtering and background smoothing (Kodac Gem) performed with Adobe Photoshop CS/3.

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