page 30 PN in UD Cygnus Center Star

                            Astrophotography by Keith B. Quattrocchi

                   Possible Undesignated Planetary Nebula in Cygnus
                Composite Layered NB/L/RGB and Central Star
                (Central Blue Star Marked)
                   Joint Project by Keith B Quattrocchi and Mel Helm
                 Copyright 2008
                Keith B Quattrocchi


                                      Image Acquisition Information                      
                               Telescope:   16" RCOS Ritchey Chretien Telescope (ion milled at f/9) 
                               Camera:       SBIG STL-6303 M
                               Guiding:       SBIG AOL,  Astrodon  MOAG AOG (SBIG 237 with FLR)
                               Filters:        Astrodon L, R, G, B, Ha, SII, OIII
                               Mount:        Software Bisque Paramount ME
                               Acquisition Programs:   The Sky,CCDAutopliot III, CCD Soft. 
                               Processing ProgramsCCDStack, Maxim DL, Adobe Photoshop CS/3
                               Date: July 30-August 12, 2008                              
                               Time: 18 x 20 min ( 6 hours) for each of L, R, G, B, Ha, SII, OIII
                               Total of 42 hours imaging time.                              
                               Processing:  CCD Stack and PhotoShop CS/3
Image Information:  This possible undesignated Planetary Nebula is discussed with the previous image.  Essentially this is a composite image which shows a central and very blue star.  Though the Addition of a NB image to the RGB data will change the color of an object, the central star is also clearly blue, and about the only such object in the image, even with our pure RGB images. To learn more about this central star and the assistance we received from Dana  Patchick, you can follow this link: Review of the Central Star.
Processing Information:  This is a composite image of a layered NB image with RGB abd Luminance data.  The NB image was first assembled in CCDStack using two methods.  1)  The first was a Hubble Palette image with nothing selected for the luminance channel.  This produced an image with greater color variation and relative star preservation.  The ratios of SII, Ha and OIII were adjusted so that the green Ha signal did not overwhelm the image. 2)  The second image was produced as noted above but also contained the Ha data under "Luminance".  This brought out the fine Ha detail, some of which was lost in bringing out the SII and OIII data in the first image (the same ratios were used). 
     An RGB and Luminance image were then layered onto the NB image in Photoshop CS/3 ('normal' mode with varied 'opacity').    Finally the image was further processed in Photoshop CS/3 (curves and levels, shadows/highlights, and high pass filtering).

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